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ComcastFailJust setup a new package thru and couldn’t be happier!

I grew up in a family where we almost never watch the television. In fact it was not until I was in my mid teens that we had a television in the house. Even then we watched it so infrequently, that it was a weird thing for it to be on. I did not understand how other individuals could spend such large amounts of their time sitting in front of the television, and watching programs that to me at the time seemed extremely boring.

All that changed though when I went to college. While I was in college I had a roommate and he was an adamant TV-aholic. It was almost as if he planned his entire life around the television schedule. I would ask him if he wanted to go out and do something, and he would tell me that he could only go out if it was at this time, or the other time as long as it did not conflict with his television watching schedule. At first I made fun of him for this, because I thought that he was just wasting away his life and missing out on good opportunities. But then I got bronchitis. I was stuck in the house for two whole weeks. Throughout these two weeks I sat with him, and we watched one television show after another.

Little by little I started to find myself enjoying TV watching. For the first time in my life I understood why hundreds of millions of people around the world spend so much of their time in front of this glowing box. I graduated from college about three months ago, and I have an apartment of my own and thankfully I have been able to find a job. I told myself that I was not going to have television or cable in my apartment. However after being by myself for about three weeks I realize that not having cable and not having a television was not an option. I came home from work a few months ago and I went online, and I looked up the Comcast deals online, and had them come out and install a premium package in my apartment.