I am not quite on the Corpus Crisit Bay, but I am setting about a hundred yards from the navigable head of this little creek that drains in to the bay. We bought the land a few months ago and started making a plan, because it is vulnerable to hurricanes in theory. Actually it is above the flood plain as it sits upon a nice hillock. I went to http://energyproviderstexas.com and figured out who could give me the best deal on my electricity. However I also figured out what I would need to do for it to make me somewhat able to withstand a hurricane. So I installed a nice back up generator. It will cut on if the power goes off and it is set up to run on natural gas. In fact I have natural gas heat, gas stove and oven, and a solar water heater. I can not run the whole house on the generator, but it is going to run all of the stuff that I need. That means you have the Fridge and the water pumping from the well.

Of course the big thing is probably going to be keeping the house cool if there is not any power, but I sort of dug the bottom of the house into the side of that hill. It is a split level house and of course the bottom level is going to be insulated from the heat and cold by the earth that basically surrounds it on three sides. You can save a lot of energy like that, especially if you use that part of the house for the main living areas of the house. The part that you use the most are the parts that you need to keep warm in the winter and cool in the Summer.


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