They upped the cost of living in the dorm facilities at college. It was more than what the apartments cost about eight blocks away. I could run that or take my bicycle without a problem. I figured up the cost for utilities, rent and other expenses. It was a whole lot cheaper to live off of the campus. I rented an apartment just in time. Being full time year round got me a better rate. Then I started looking for things such as cheap internet service. I figured I would miss the super fast Internet service at the college, but once I got connected in my apartment, I did not miss it. I got a low price on a bundled deal for TV, phone and Internet service for a year. I could not pass it up. After the year is up, there will be other options out there for me. You have to be a savvy shopper, especially if you are a college student who can only work part time during your semesters. I take classes year round. I go home for a few days during the major holidays, but other than that, I am here. I work and go to school, and I pay my own way. Getting cheap Internet service that meets my needs is just part of the big picture. I have college friends who have to have the latest gadgets, clothes and cars. I do not even have a car yet. I commute by bicycle or my feet. I also take advantage of the stores around here that have bargains. I stay out of the name brand shops. The only time you will catch me in one is if I am buying a gift for a close friend’s birthday. Yes, I am different from the other guys in my school. However, I will be much happier than them since I will be out of debt before they even get established.


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