I knew it when I looked at it and I did not need the home inspector to tell me that the sub flooring in the bathroom was bad. You could tell from the way that the floor had sunk where the bath tub was sitting. It was one of those old fashioned tubs with the clawed feet. I needed to find a plumber in Bergen County NJ to give me a quote on the job. I figure that there is not any point in doing this thing half of the way. You are going to be ripping up half of the bathroom and it is going to be quite expensive. So while you are at it you may as well do the entire thing. It is not as though I would be looking forward to the price tag that is associated with doing it the right way and all. It is not like that is going to be much fun when you have to write the check for it.

The job is to figure out what is possible and whether or not we can do the entire thing right. The trick is to pay for it and still have the money to pay for the heating bill, the groceries and the car insurance, the car payments and of course the mortgage payment. It has to all fit together in one nice tidy package. The big thing is that you have to be able to afford to do whatever it is that you decide that you have to do and in this case the thing that makes the most sense in the long term would not. It is going to have to be on the terms that we can manage, but that is going to mean that we will have to move money around.


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