I started to think about this the other day. I ran into one of my neighbors who told me that he had found an infestation of termites in NYC in his attic. He had gone up in his attic to get down his wife’s summer clothing. Like a lot of people she has tubs which she fills with the clothes that you can only use when it is warm. When he carried one of them up into the attic he noticed some insects flying around and had to take a closer look. Of course there was a termite colony up there and he had to call one of the companies that deal with that sort of problem. When they got rid of them he had to get a handyman to come in and patch up the rafters that they had damaged before he discovered the problem How much do you need to worry about termites if you have a brick house. Of course my house is not structurally brick. The bricks are just a facade, the house itself is really built of cement blocks and wood framing. Obviously around the eaves there are wood and that is what I was worried about. It seems that it is the only really vulnerable part of the structure. You have the vents at each end of the attic and that is a way for all sorts of insects to get in. I am wondering how hard it would be for a colony to get established. A single termite is not much of an issue, it is when you have the entire colony that they can really do all sorts of damage. You wonder how hard it is for the queen to get in a house, since she is a really big bug that does not seem very mobile.


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