After receiving my college degree, I spent many months looking for a new job to get started on my career. I sent out many resumes and landed a large number of interviews. I got a great job and I knew it was time to find my own place to live. I had lived in a dormitory on my university campus for the four years I went to school there. After many years of roommates and no privacy, I was ready for my own place. I wanted a small yard of my own, cable TV and a place to relax each day that I could call home.

After finding the perfect condominium to rent, I began filling it with all the comforts of home that I could with the help of my new job. I can say that it was fantastic to no longer have to use old milk crates and other items that college students have to make do with to furnish their dorm rooms! I purchased a large, flat screen TV and called around to find out the best deals for cable immediately! I had never had cable during my college years because I was simply too busy with classes and studying to watch much TV. But coming home after an eight hour workday to settle in and watch the news in the comfort of my own place was very appealing.

I signed up for a package that offers me several news channels as well as a great financial news channel. I also signed up for Internet and phone service through the same phone company. I must say that all three services cost less each month than the money my friends and I spent each month on going out on the town on just a few occasions each month during our college years. While I had fun in college, it was even more fun to have my own place and live like an adult.


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