The advance of independent cinema is something that we have seen over the years. However, in the digital age, it is so easy to find new movies that are being released in small batches or even online. Filmmakers can make movies with any kind of camera about any topic in any time period. Not only that, but the filmmakers can make movies that appeal to a wide audience or a very small audience. Because of the rise of independent cinema, there is no need for movies to be shown in small art houses. The advance of the internet alone makes it much easier for movies to be seen, and it also makes it easier for distributors to pick up new movies that they find.

When you want to get deeper into the world of independent film, remember that all it takes is a little creativity and a good script. When Matt Damon and Ben Affleck were making an independent film that won Academy Awards, all they had was an idea, but they didn’t have to internet to gain popularity. So, with the wise use of the internet, it takes less time for filmmakers to be noticed and enjoyed.

If you find that you want to see more independent film, you should visit your local art house to see when new movies are showing, but you will also learn about when other movies are coming out across the country and online.

As independent cinema grows, more and more people will be watching these once obscure films due to the miracle of technology and the open minds of Americans everywhere.


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