All posts by this author ยปI sort of learned about this car when I was doing some leg work for a ny bankruptcy lawyer, he was in the middle of this really nasty dispute over the estate of an old guy who had spent a couple of decades collecting cars after he retired. He had a lot of really nice foreign cars, some of which were probably worth around a hundred thousand dollars if you found the right person, or better yet found two people who wanted to get into a bidding war. One of them was a beautiful Shelby Cobra, but they told it was a replica, or rather that it was sort of a replica. Of course that car was the marriage between this ultra light British Sports car, the AC Ace and a big brute of a Ford V 8 engine. This is what this was, only it was not done by Carrol Shelby, instead someone had come along thirty years later and done it themselves.

This was far from the prize of the collection, rather it was sort of the ugly step sister.


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