I guess that I am going to have to find a good tree service in Long Island and it is going to be pretty expensive when you get right down to it. It is easy enough for you to see what needs to be done, but in this case it is not so easy to do it. You are not going to be able to get out in the yard with a chainsaw and take the one tree down because it is only half of the way down to the ground. It is laying at a forty degree angle to the ground with the top of the tree about twenty five feet above the ground. I have seen this before and I saw a guy take a tree down, but it is one thing to see it and another thing to do it. What he did was to start off with a short cut in the top of the log and then he filled up that cut with a piece of wood, to keep it from closing up. Then you cut up from beneath until the log starts sagging. Then you finish on the top, but obviously it is tricky.

That is not something that I am going to try on my own, although I did go out and clean up all of the stuff that was easy. It is a great big pile on the curb now, but that is just a fraction of all of the stuff that needs to be gotten up. I am thinking that maybe some person who has a fireplace will want to help me out by taking away the firewood. It is not as though it does me any good to have a bunch of wood that I am not going to need.


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