When my grandparents decided to move into a condo, we were all surprised. They have lived in the same three bedroom house for the last 50 years, but they were tired of the maintenance on it. Since we all had our own places, they decided to sell it. They had a buyer faster than anyone thought possible, and they hadn’t even found a condo yet. I asked them to move in with me while they searched, and I showed them store-friendly.com.sg before they said yes or no. I wanted them to know that they did not have to give up anything if they decided to sell to the person who wanted to take immediate ownership.

Since they did not know how many square feet their new place would have or how many total rooms, they had no idea which pieces of furniture to take with them and which to give away or sell. I didn’t want them making this decision without knowing how much they would need for themselves. I have used Store Friendly for my own storage needs in the past, so I know how clean and reliable they are.

They thought that it was a great idea. They already knew they were only getting a one bedroom condo, so they were able to get rid of two of the other bedroom sets. Everything else went into storage though. They were concerned at first that it might cost too much, or that they might have to rent several units to hold everything. I showed them how the units vary in size, and there was one that would hold everything they needed to store. We got it all worked out, and the transition from their house to mine was very easy. I actually hope it takes a while for them to find a place because I love having them with me.


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