Vine Vera Skin Care has been a product that I’ve been able to put my trust into. I’ve worked out in the sun for years now which has left my skin looking as dry as a river bed with a network of furrows and valleys that make me appear to be much older than my thirty years. As a guy, I’ve learned how important it is to take care of your skin but unfortunately for me that happened a few years too late. I do what I can now to make sure that I am protected from pollutants and UV radiation from the sun but the damage has definitely been done.

I get some joking flak from the guys at work regarding the amount of time and money that I invest into my skin. At this point I have already bought more creams, soaps and lotions that my last girlfriend had! However, if I want to prevent further damage from ocurring while reversing some that has already been done, then I am going to have to take the necessary steps to do so. Personally, I don’t there is nothing wrong with taking care of your skin as a guy even if we have been brought up to think otherwise.

There definitely needs to be more awareness among men to help them accept and take the necessary precautions from damage that the sun can do. Skin cancer is no joke for those of us who work for long hours beneath a blistering sun but it is something that is seen as a distant concern rather than the one we are facing every single day that we work. Some people will work all their lives and never even get a mole while others can work for just a handful of years before finding themselves with skin cancer.


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