I am not really sure if vine is a good platform for this, but I decided to give it a shot. My manager, who is a friend of mine who appointed himself to be my manager is talking about making short videos of my performances to tease other stuff on the Net. It is something which I never really thought about, but he decided to buy vine followers at buyvinefame dot com. I never even heard of the idea, but he did this on his own and it seems to have some merit. That is if you assume we can manage to make interesting videos which will persuade the viewers to click on the link and go to the Soundcloud site or my Facebook page. In fact I am making a good little bit of money off downloads and off donations from people who download my free shows. I am on the web and you can go to the Internet Archive and download my live shows from their live music archive.

Of course I am like one of a thousand and one acts that post their music on the Internet Archive (that is at Archive dot org by the way). It is like you are just one name within a huge list of different acts, most of them are small bands who perform at bars and at campgrounds. That is what I have been doing this summer. I have been to about sixteen campground shows in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and a couple other states. I decided that this is a good place to connect with people who are really serious about music and who in turn would talk about me to other people who might like to hear my music. You get to meet people and do the whole rock star thing like this.


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