Independence is a theme that has been ever present in the movie industry. Throughout cinematic history, there have been at least a handful of people interested in preserving the artistic integrity of the motion picture. Unfortunately the independent film can have a tendency to be largely overlooked by the general population. While there are many factors and speculations as to why an independent film may garner interest from mainstream America, the movies themselves play a large part. Specifically these three movies have encouraged the advancement of independent cinema.

3 – Nosferatu, A Symphony of Terror
Made in 1922, this film is the grandfather of independent cinema. While Nosferatu is hands down the creepiest silent film ever made, it was also the first independent film to grab the interest of mainstream America.

2 – The Terminator.
While it may appear to be a movie straight from a studio, the fact is that The Terminator was a genuine independent film from start to finish, though the same cannot be said of it’s sequels. Director James Cameron not only put together an iconic action movie with a small budget and an obscure cast, he created a film that appealed to an audience not normally drawn to independent cinema.

1 – Reservoir Dogs.
Often lauded as the greatest independent film in cinematic history, the reach of Reservoir Dogs into many different areas of cinema can be seen even today. One reason this movie was so groundbreaking? Any attention it attracted came by word of mouth. In an era where marketing is so crucial to the success of most movies, causing a movie to go mainstream strictly by word of mouth is no small feat.


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