Miami is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever visited; you wouldn’t know it, but if you’ve never watched the documentary “Cocaine Cowboys” you would have no idea that much of the city’s development is due to the money that came from the cocaine trade in the sixty, seventies and eighties! After watching this documentary, it encouraged me to visit the city that I suddenly found myself fascinated by. I had been in the market for a home and on an impulse, I visited a bay house miami during the first week while I was there. I fell in love instantly. I have always wanted a beach house – the romantic notion of living near the beach has always been something dear to my heart. When I found this place I felt like a dream had just come true. It’s not every day that you find just the right place you want to live. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with Miami, either.

There is something mysterious about this place; maybe it’s the fact that there is an incredible mix of personalities and ethnicity’s out here but it creates an interesting exotic atmosphere that is just missing in most places in America. California almost has the same vibe in Los Angeles but it is such a huge urban sprawl that it almost feels dirty rather than exotic, at least to me! I have found myself enchanted with this place; every day I can hit the beach, enjoying the sun and the waves teasing my toes while the sand shifts beneath each foot fall. At night I can hit up some of the most wild and happening clubs that you can only imagine. It really is like a different world; it’s funny to think that so much had been built here due to the drug trade.


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