This is an idea my brother in law and I are thinking about. We have bought us a piece of land on Smith Mountain Lake, not that far from the marina and the hotel at Indian Point. We are thinking about building a small house there, with the idea being that you would put in a boathouse and a garage. Of course We are not sure how hard it would be to rent it out when we were not using it, but I am thinking about the added costs. Like for instance direct tv packages would be one thing. It would just be a little thing, but you would want to have satellite tv and I do not think you would have any other options, although I am not sure what they have up there. Right now we usually rent a hotel room, but the first step will be to get a flat level concrete pad.

That is pretty obvious when you think about it. You can find some crappy old RV for almost nothing and it does not even need to have a motor in it for this purpose. At least not if it is near enough that you could get it there. You dig yourself a well and then you have the elecric company hook you up to the grid. If you are just there to fish then an old RV is fine. Of course in the summer time the wives and kids are not going to be left at home. You would need jet skis and tubes to pull behind the boat and so on. It would be easy to get a tent to keep my boys happy. They would see it as an adventure. The wife and the daughter would not be so happy with that.


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