When super storm Sandy came around a few years ago I had no idea if we were going to be able to survive the night. The water had come up to a really high point in our house and I did not know if we were going to be able to make it. There were a lot of people that told me that they saw our cars float away and that scared me. After the damage was done, we went out to see that we had no roof and roof repair in new york city was going to be very hard to get since there were so many people in our area that did not have a roof left on their house any more. I wanted to make sure that my friends and family were okay but I also had to make sure that I had a person that was going to be able to do my roof.

I called my cousin in Connecticut that did not have anything done to his house and since he is a roofer, he has a ton of equipment and he said that he would be over the next day to help me out. I knew that was going to be okay because after a lot of powerful storms the weather was gorgeous the next few days. We had to sit at our house to make sure that there were no looters that were going to come in to try to steal something and I knew that my neighbors were also going to sit and wait at their house for a few days in order to protect everything that they had and it was really going to be a long time before any of us knew what a normal life was going to be.


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