When my neighbor called me the other day and asked me which company I used that does ac repair in essex county nj, I gave her the name of the only company I will use. She told me that her air conditioner was not working, and I assured her that they would help her out quickly and at a great price too. It made me think about the time last summer when I had called them in a panic. I had woken up to a house that was stuffy and unbearably hot. I always leave the air on overnight because otherwise it is not pleasant in the summer months.

I checked to see what was wrong with the air conditioner, thinking that someone might have just turned it off for some unknown reason overnight. I asked all three of my kids, but none of them had touched it, nor had my husband. He had to go to work, but he told me to contact a repair company as soon as possible because the day was just going to get even hotter. I was on the phone as soon as the Essex County company opened up that morning.

When I explained what was happening, and also that I was stuck there with three children under the age of ten, they told me someone would be out within hours. They were quick and someone was there within two hours, and it didn’t take much more time than that to have the problem fixed. They told me that we would need to think about getting a new system because that one was on its last legs, but they fixed it so we could at least be comfortable. We did end up getting a new system just a couple of months later too at a great price. That is how I knew that they would take good care of my neighbor, because they did the same for me.


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