I spent most of the day changing things on the set I built. I did what I was told. I fixed up this old house so that it looked right for the period of the film, according to what they told me to do. I had to make some shutters of a specific type. They had a historian there working as a consultant and he showed me some pictures, old ones that dated back from the Civil War. The place was supposed to look like a farm house of that period would and as best I understood it, that was what it looked like. However the guy who was directing the movie showed up and wanted something that was different. Exactly what he wanted was not really practical to understand and the more he talked to me the less clear it was what he wanted. I am not sure where he was from, but he did not speak English in a very clear manner.

So I changed stuff around and he looked at it, then I did it again. After a bit the guy who owned the house showed up. We were not paying him to use the house, but of course in theory I was going to restore it to the original appearances and that was his motive for letting us shoot there. He had seen what it looked like to start and had loved it, so he was mad when he saw that I was changing things. Of course the entire time there were about sixty people standing around watching all of this. They all had jobs to do, but could not do their jobs until the Director was happy with the house. In fact the look of the house is quite important and I do not doubt that.


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