The wife and I were wondering about this the other day. I saw this thing on the DIY channel about this greenhouse that these guys built. It had this built in thing which opened it up. On top of the roof there were these vents that looked like shutters. It was built with this hydraulically activated vanes which were attached to a thermocouple. I think that is what is called. At any rate you can not let the greenhouse just heat up endlessly, although it has to remain a high temperature. So at some point these things open up and you get air in the greenhouse to cool it down. We were thinking about using the same idea to heat a house though. The idea iis pretty simple. You would put a greenhouse on the outside of the house. During the winter it would obviously be able to provide a large amount of pre warmed air. You could then pull it into the house with the heating system.

The problem would be keeping it from over heating the house during the summer. It would have to be a system which was completely flexible and automated. Of course you can do this same thing using what they call geothermal heat pumps. That basically means that you bury lines in the ground at a certain depth and fill them with a safe anti freeze type of fluid. That way you can use the warmth of the Earth for heating or cooling. In fact you can just build a house that is under the ground. It is going to stay around fifty six degrees in a cave no matter how cold it is out of doors or how hot it is out of doors. The geothermal stuff works exactly the same way, but not as well.


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